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Hayes Company Armory

Hayes Company Armory

Hello, and welcome to Hayes Company Armory.

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Hello, and welcome to Hayes Company Armory.

We are a provider of high quality SCA style armor. We specialize in Brigandine armor sometimes called a coat of plates. Our armor is made from heavy canvas,  and 1/8" ABS plastic.  Each piece of our armor is made from 3 layers of heavy canvas which is stitched in a vertical pattern to increase the strength of the fabric. The plates are made from 1/8" ABS plastic which is custom molded to fit each customers body. 

By placing the plates inside the brigandine where they do not show, we allow you to have all the benefits of lightweight, comfortable and easily maintained plastic armor while still allowing you to remain "In Period." 

How Do I get Your Armor?

Each piece of our armor is hand crafted to fit your body. To get one made you'll need to email me at the address below and include the following measurements:

1. Your height

2. Your Weight

3. Your Chest

4. Your Waist

5. The distance from the top of your shoulder to your belt line

Once we have that information we can quoute you a price for the construction.

Contact Us Here: